Sara Cripe

Brokerage Owner, Marketer

(719) 679-2626

Get To Know Sara:

What up, I’m Sara Cripe!  I’m a marketing mastermind that assists businesses in targeting their past and potential clients.  I have a crazy desire to transform my client’s ideas and visions into something that is actually tangible.  Your business can be the best thing since the Push-Up Bra, but success is going to be pretty tough to do if nobody knows your business even exists.  So what now?  HELLO, let the people know – MARKETING!  

Okay, I’m super judgy about how someone presents their business.  I noticed the lack of professionalism when a company’s marketing didn’t match.  All I could imagine was some sweaty guy in a dark basement just throwing flyers together in Microsoft Word and not caring one bit about balance or eye movement across the page!  Ahh – my worst nightmare!  I thought, “Hey, I can be that be that person!  But I can make it look good!” minus the sweat and dark basement, of course!  And so, Connect Grafiks & Marketing was brought to life!  I love waking up in the middle of the night with a new idea for my client!  I love seeing people’s passions and excitement for what they do!  I love Monday morning because I get to work for these businesses and share in their success! 

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“Sara is absolutely amazing at what she does! She was able to deliver a gorgeous ad for me. Sara is a strategic thinker and looks for both conventional and unconventional ways to elevate your business! We are so thankful to have her on our side!!”

– Lindsey M.

Outside The Box

“Sara is such a wealth of knowledge and really has some great strategies to connect with potential clients. Her outside the box thinking, helps to set us apart from the competition. Hands down, she is the best marketing specialist in town!”

– Jessica C., Highly Recommended

Breath of Fresh Air

“Sara Cripe with Connect Grafiks & Marketing is a breath of fresh air in the industry of advertising and promotion. She is talented, creative and has an eye for branding. Sara keeps up with the latest marketing trends when it comes to social media, print and everything in-between. She is extremely caring and sweet. Book an appointment with her today. You will not be disappointed in her abilities to help you grow your business!”

– Cortney P., 5 Stars

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